VAC Overview

TheWabbit’s ARMA 3 VAC Profile:
Current version: 1.6 (30 JUN 2013)

The v1.6 package includes 2 profiles:
NATO Profile – 1 Company Callsign (Alpha) – One Number
NATO Profile – 5 Squads Callsign (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo) – One Number

VAC can be downloaded from –
VAC profiles default path: ‘C:\Users\<username>\My Documents\VAC\Profiles’

VAC on/off: Ctrl + v
Push to Talk On/off: Left Ctrl + Keypad ‘+’

Select Soldier 1Alpha OneUnit Selection
Select Soldier 2Alpha TwoUnit Selection
Select Soldier 3Alpha ThreeUnit Selection
Select Soldier 4Alpha FourUnit Selection
Select Soldier 5Alpha FiveUnit Selection
Select Soldier 6Alpha SixUnit Selection
Select Soldier 7Alpha SevenUnit Selection
Select Soldier 8Alpha EightUnit Selection
Select Soldier 9Alpha NineUnit Selection
Select Soldier 10Alpha TenUnit Selection
Select Soldier 11Bravo OneUnit Selection
Select Soldier 12Bravo TwoUnit Selection
Select Soldier 13Bravo ThreeUnit Selection
Select Soldier 14Bravo FourUnit Selection
Select Soldier 15Bravo FiveUnit Selection
Select Soldier 16Bravo SixUnit Selection
Select Soldier 17Bravo SevenUnit Selection
Select Soldier 18Bravo EightUnit Selection
Select Soldier 19Bravo NineUnit Selection
Select Soldier 20Bravo TenUnit Selection
Select Soldier 21Charlie OneUnit Selection
Select Soldier 22Charlie TwoUnit Selection
Select Soldier 23Charlie ThreeUnit Selection
Select Soldier 24Charlie FourUnit Selection
Select Soldier 25Charlie FiveUnit Selection
Select Soldier 26Charlie SixUnit Selection
Select Soldier 27Charlie SevenUnit Selection
Select Soldier 28Charlie EightUnit Selection
Select Soldier 29Charlie NineUnit Selection
Select Soldier 30Charlie TenUnit Selection
Select Soldier 31Delta OneUnit Selection
Select Soldier 32Delta TwoUnit Selection
Select Soldier 33Delta ThreeUnit Selection
Select Soldier 34Delta FourUnit Selection
Select Soldier 35Delta FiveUnit Selection
Select Soldier 36Delta SixUnit Selection
Select Soldier 37Delta SevenUnit Selection
Select Soldier 38Delta EightUnit Selection
Select Soldier 39Delta NineUnit Selection
Select Soldier 40Delta TenUnit Selection
Select Soldier 41Echo OneUnit Selection
Select Soldier 42Echo TwoUnit Selection
Select Soldier 43Echo ThreeUnit Selection
Select Soldier 44Echo FourUnit Selection
Select Soldier 45Echo FiveUnit Selection
Select Soldier 46Echo SixUnit Selection
Select Soldier 47Echo SevenUnit Selection
Select Soldier 48Echo EightUnit Selection
Select Soldier 49Echo NineUnit Selection
Select Soldier 50Echo TenUnit Selection
Select All SoldiersAll UnitsUnit Selection
All Squads
Select First SquadFirst SquadUnit Selection
Alpha Squad
Select Second SquadSecond SquadUnit Selection
Bravo Squad
Select Third SquadThird SquadUnit Selection
Charlie Squad
Select Fourth SquadFourth SquadUnit Selection
Delta Squad
Select Fifth SquadFifth SquadUnit Selection
Echo Squad
Select Team RedTeam RedUnit Selection
Select Team GreenTeam GreenUnit Selection
Select Team BlueTeam BlueUnit Selection
Select Team YellowTeam YellowUnit Selection
Select Team WhiteTeam WhiteUnit Selection
Previous SquadPrevious SquadUnit Selection
Next SquadNext squadUnit Selection
Binoculars on/offBinoculars onItem
Binoculars off
Compass on/offCompass onItem
Compass off
Open compass
Close compass
Diary (journal) open/closeDiary openItem
Diary close
Journal open
Journal close
Open diary
Close diary
Open journal
Close journal
GPS on/offG P S onItem
G P S off
Inventory (gear) open/closeInventory openItem
Inventory close
Gear open
Gear close
Open inventory
Close inventory
Open gear
Close gear
Laser on/offLaser onItem
Laser off
Light(s) on/offLights onItem
Lights off
Light on
Light off
Map open/closeMap openItem
Map close
Open map
Close map
Night Vision Goggles on/offNight Vision Goggles onItem
Night Vision Goggles off
N V Gs on
N V Gs off
Night Vision on
Night Vision off
Time (wristwatch) on/offTime onItem
Time off
Wristwatch on
Wristwatch off
Look/Glance at CompassLook at CompassItem
Glance at Compass
Look/Glance at Time/WatchLook at TimeItem
Look at Watch
Glance at Time
Glance at Time
Look at Wristwatch
Glance at Wristwatch
Get outGet outCommand
EjectEject Eject EjectCommand
Cancel allCancel allCommand
Disregard all
Cancel orderCancel orderCommand
Go back
Salute frontSalute frontCommand
Return to formationReturn to formationMove (1)
AdvanceAdvanceMove (1)
Stay backStay backMove (1)
Flank leftFlank leftMove (1)
Flank rightFlank rightMove (1)
StopStopMove (1)
Wait for meWait for meMove (1)
Find coverFind coverMove (1)
Next waypointNext waypointMove (1)
TargetTargetTarget (2)
No targetNo targetTarget (2)
Open fireOpen fireEngage (3)
Hold FireHold FireEngage (3)
FireFireEngage (3)
EngageEngageEngage (3)
Engage at willEngage at willEngage (3)
DisengageDisengageEngage (3)
Break contact
Scan HorizonScan HorizonEngage (3)
WatchWatchEngage (3)
Watch direction
MountMountMount (4)
Get on
Get in
DisembarkDisembarkMount (4)
AnywhereAnywhereMount (4)
DriverDriverMount (4)
As driver
PassengerPassengerMount (4)
As passenger
GunnerGunnerMount (4)
As gunner
Ride in backRide in backMount (4)
Ride in the back
Get in back
StealthStealthCombat Mode (7)
Condition stealth
DangerDangerCombat Mode (7)
Condition danger
AwareAwareCombat Mode (7)
Condition aware
Stay aware
SafeSafeCombat Mode (7)
Condition safe
Stand upStand upCombat Mode (7)
Get up
Stay crouchedStay crouchedCombat Mode (7)
Go proneGo proneCombat Mode (7)
Get down
Stay down
Keep lowKeep lowCombat Mode (7)
Form columnForm columnFormation (8)
Formation column
Form staggered columnForm staggered columnFormation (8)
Formation staggered column
Form staggered
Formation staggered
Form wedgeForm wedgeFormation (8)
Formation wedge
Form echelon leftForm echelon leftFormation (8)
Formation echelon left
Form echelon rightForm echelon rightFormation (8)
Formation echelon right
Form veeForm veeFormation (8)
Formation vee
Form lineForm lineFormation (8)
Formation line
Form compact columnForm compact columnFormation (8)
Formation compact column
Form compact
Formation compact
Form deltaForm deltaFormation (8)
Formation delta
Form diamond
Formation delta
Assign Team RedAssign Team RedAssign (9)
Assign Team GreenAssign Team GreenAssign (9)
Assign Team BlueAssign Team BlueAssign (9)
Assign Team YellowAssign Team YellowAssign (9)
Assign Team WhiteAssign Team WhiteAssign (9)
Select 1Select OneMenu List
Select 2Select TwoMenu List
Select 3Select ThreeMenu List
Select 4Select FourMenu List
Select 5Select FiveMenu List
Select 6Select SixMenu List
Select 7Select SevenMenu List
Select 8Select EightMenu List
Select 9Select NineMenu List
Select MoreSelect MoreMenu List
Select actionSelect actionMenu List
UpUpMenu List
DownDownMenu List
North WestNorth WestDirection
South WestSouth WestDirection
South EastSouth EastDirection
North EastNorth EastDirection
Fire ArtilleryFire ArtilleryArtillery
High ExplosiveHigh ExplosiveArtillery
One RoundOne RoundArtillery
Two RoundsTwo RoundsArtillery
Three RoundsThree RoundsArtillery
Four RoundsFour RoundsArtillery

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  • Paijrow says:
    October 8, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    I cant get the toggle to work everytime i press my button to activate it nothing happens i cant get it to work with any button and i have tried yours and it still does not work.


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